Law of Attraction Affirmations


Do I believe in the law of attraction? Yes I believe I do, I've practised it with little enthusiasm in the past & found it too work.


So below some affirmations. Instead of being written I Will or I Shall, I have left them more open ended as I am not worried which one comes into play. They are all my dream.

Affirmation One


To buy a sailing boat, I have the money, I have some of the sailing qualifications & plenty of sun cream for those hot days spent swimming & bathing..


Be great to meet someone who'd like to join me for the whole process of buying the boat, learning the basics & enjoying some sailing.

Affirmation Two


To travel hot countries via boat, trains & planes. A mixture of hiking & water sports, exploring the towns & customs. A mixture of touristy & off the grid places.

Affirmation Three


To set up a vlogging business, filming fun daily activities, mixture of scripted & ad libbed, video editing, social media, creating a channel & making some money.

Affirmation Four


To explore the USA, a road trip, not sure where but want to take in Memphis definitely.